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Client | Honeywell


Honeywell required a solution for introducing potential customers to the Product Divisions, from who they are to what they do and how they do it!

The Work


Honywell asked CWA to create a Interactive pdf and Interactive Powerpoint 16 x 9 widescreen version and a 4 x 3 version adapting to the new DLS for there London demo suite presentation for visitors to learn more about them/product business sectors.

The Interactive solution covered 3 business sectors - Honeywell Security / Honeywell Fire / Honeywell Environmental and energy solutions. The design and navigation allowed the presenter to present or skip certain pieces of information depending on how much the customer already knew about the organisation or depending on what market sector they are in, this was created by a nice styled use of icons backed up by exciting

photography and illustrations throughout the 3 different business sectors. The Demo Suite can also easily be viewed and navigated around by a customer on their own without having to be presented by a Honeywell employee allowing it to be circulated.

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